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't have the hallmarks of an iranian plot who would normally use hezbollah or hamas, not a member of the zeta drug cartel and not going through a car dealer, a used car dealer down in texas who happens to have both an iranian and american passport. nonetheless, the president saying, again, there will be no dispute over what happened, this was an iranian terror plot and saying that there must be accountability for what iran has done, saying people in the iranian government were, indeed, aware. our chief white house correspondent for fox news channel, ed henry, threw out the first question to the president. he joins us now live from the white house. >> reporter: good afternoon, megyn. the president did not want to touch the question about whether or not this was an act of war by iran. he said he was going to leave that to the attorney general to let the investigation go forward, but interesting the president made very clear to me and everyone in the room and everyone around the world that, in his words, every option is on the table, including the military option. so that is out ther
. martha: carl thank you very much. carl cameron reporting on that for us. we are also a waiting a big event in detroit right now. herman cain is there getting ready to make a key economic speech tonight with the wind at his back in this republican race right now. check this out, according to the latest "real clear politics" national average herman cain now leads the entire republican field. raising a big question. what is next and how does he take the momentum from there. it's a sliver of a lead over mitt romney. that is a collection of polls. james rosen joins me live from washington with more on herman cain today. good afternoon, james. >> reporter: good afternoon. this event is in the record books. he was in detroit this morning. he delivered the last missing piece of nice 999 economic plan. it is a proposal to help the poor by creating opportunity zones in inner city america. the blunt talking former pizza chain executive has surged to the top of the polls has martha just showed largely on the basis of his strong debate performances and two the luring simplicity of the 99 plan. a
jenna: that's good to hear. thanks for joining us, everybody. jon: "america live" starts right now. megyn: fox news alert from the campaign trail, texas governor rick perry apparently getting ready to ditch some of the upcoming gop debates after stumbling mightily in his first few performances. but could his decision cost him with voters? welcome to "america live," everyone, i'm megyn kelly. just over two months ago the texas governor came blazing into the republican race, immediately assuming front runner status. now he is trailing herman cain by 14 percentage points in the latest fox news poll, and he is ten points behind mitt romney. many attribute his fall to his struggling debate performances, and now we learn today from the perry camp that the texas governor will limit his future debate appearances. chris stirewalt is our fox news digital politics editor on this breaking news. chris, i guess that's one approach. [laughter] >> reporter: that's right. that's one way to do it. now, of course, there's not debating and then there's not debating. rick perry, when he ran for governo
a lot of murky details here. the last thing the u.s. wants to do is get ahead of all of that. the president sat down at 10 a.m. with some of his top national security aides this morning for his regular presidential daily briefing. libya was topic there. wendell goler is traveling with secretary clinton, she was doing a series of interviews earlier today, and in the middle of those interviews an aide handed her a blackberry with these unconfirmed reports of gadhafi being captured or killed. she was heard to say, wow, as this was all coming in. in new hampshire vice president biden was giving a speech, we've just gotten the first comments from him on all this. take a listen. >> you kind of see it in what just happened in libya. now, i don't know, when i got off the plane i was talking to the national security council to determine whether or not we, in fact, had proof that the tnc, this outfit, the rebels and the government now, the acting government of libya had killed gadhafi. i don't know the answer to that. i can't confirm that personally now. but look how that all came abou
expecting upwards of a thousand people. we can't really tell you how many, but it looks to us more like there are a hundred, few hundred people at max that are now kind of protesting, this is on the upper east side in new york. this theme today is aimed at maintaining new york state's 2% tax on millionaires which is slated to end this year. the idea was to march on the homes of the five of the city's wealthiest businessmen. this, again, is more tape earlier. they're holding some protests down there, this is in lower manhattan. again, they were going after five of the wealthiest businessmen in new york. the plan is to present them giant checks to show them how much less these men would pay if this 2% tax ended. the five, as you said, who are being demonstrated against are rupert murdoch, jamie dimon, the ceo of jpmorgan chase who did not back government bailouts. remember, he refused to bail out bear stearns at first. david koch, a longtime libertarian who believes in drastically lower taxes and limited social services. john paulson, he's a hedge fund manager. again, we're looking live a
jon: a group surge. jenna: we'll continue to watch those stories. thanks for joining us, everybody. jon: "america live" starts right now. megyn: a new search taking place right now for missing baby lisa irwin. police zeroing on the home of this beautiful baby girl. welcome to "america live," i'm megyn kelly. just hours after the police showed up to the home of lisa's parents, search warrant in hand we are learning new details on the search that is taking place on the property at this very moment. check out the police officers in the white suits. the f.b.i. and police blocking off the entire street from onlookers and the media, even getting a no-fly zone over the area, we presume so no aerial pictures could be taken. crews are now digging up land around a shed behind the family home. we are also told that drawings, police dogthat dogs, police dogs are on the scene. this is after i was in kansas city 72 hours ago and spoke for almost two hours with the parents. this is me outside the family home two days ago. i walked by the side of the house, on the driveway where jeremy usually kee
jenna: looks like a lot of fun. nice to have the pins on. jon: thanks for joining us today. jenna: "america live" starts right now. megyn: -- martha: [audio difficulty] martha: there we go. i hear myself now. is everyone hearing me in so this is the big story today -- all right. let's get started, folks, with "america live" and this fox news alert. herman cain watting back against unnamed sources claiming he sexually arse harassed two former employees. i'm martha maccallum in for megyn kelly. the gop front runner keeping his washington campaign schedule, getting ready to address the national press club this afternoon. live pictures coming back from that event right now, but fox news heard from the candidate himself in an exclusive interview on "happening now" just a short while ago. now, while acknowledging that two women accused of him of inappropriate behavior while he was head of the national restaurant association back in the '90s, cain said those accusations as laid out in the political article, he says, are false. >> i have never sexually harassed anyone, let's say that. sec
a jolt. i heard him use the same word, "jolt," in 2009 about the stimulus, and yet here we are more than two years later, and the president is again picking the case if -- making the case that if there's no action, it's going to get worse. take a listen. >> every independent economist who has looked at this question carefully believes that for us to make sure that we are taking out an insurance policy against a possible double dip recession, it is important for us to make sure that we are boosting consumer confidence, putting money into their pockets, cutting taxes where we can for small businesses and that it makes sense for us to put people back to work doing the work that needs to be done. >> reporter: and it's important to put the context out there of why the president had this news conference now. two pig things coming up -- big things coming up. senate republicans are going to be adding an amendment to the china currency bill. it's highly expected that it's going to actually go down, then senate democrats will try to rework it and bring it back up next week. but also tomorrow, impo
. do the right thing and tell us what happened to her. what did you do to her? and that the mother said was just part of it. she says they told her she failed a lie detector test miserably and she was sweating and then did not want to give her husband a lie detector test because his story checked out 100%. when the husband found out the wife failed he also wanted to stop talking to the police. here is the mom on the today show talking about the polygraph, listen. >> i don't remember which one it was, but they just kept saying, i failed, i failed, and i said that is not possible. and i mean, what do you say when someone tells you that, and you know you didn't do anything. >> reporter: remember the critical timeline here, megyn, the mom said she put the baby to bed at 10:30. the dad came ohm at 4:00 in the morning. the window was open, the lights were on, the door was unlocked and lisa was missing. it was the first time the dad worked an overnight shift. it was the first time the mom had left the front door open, and all three cell phones were missing. police trying to get the krepb phone
and the local lawyer just got fired by the parents and police and family sources are telling us the boys will be provided to the police for interview, what does that tell you? i mean we don't know what happened in this case but that seems like a family that wants to cooperate. what does that mean? only time will tell. trace, thank you. >> reporter: okay. megyn: coming up later in the show are. when i spoke, with the parents, they gave me some information on the timeline that night with respect to the two boys. and one of them in particular could prove to be a critical witness on the timeline from 10:30 in the evening all the way forward to when the father came home and discovered that the baby was missing. we'll talk about in half an hour with our legal panel. stay tuned. >>> fox news alert out of south carolina. 10 schools in green villoched down at the moment. the move sparked by a manhunt for a gunman on the loose. the man shot at an officer during the check of a license plate. we're told the police officer was not hit. the lockdown affects elementary schools and high schools and gree
the democrats who are speaking to this know, do think of us exactly know what the protesters on wall street and elsewhere stand for? because the administration seems to be saying this is about upset with corporate greed and unemployment numbers, and that came as news to most of us. >> reporter: two things going on, one is the initial groups we saw and certainly here in washington the protest camps are literally divided into two with one group that is more sort of the organic, freelance protesters who are out there, and they have that varied message that you describe, but on the other hand you're seeing the public employees' union groups joining the ranks and being there and giving a little bit more rigor to the discussion. what they're talking about, they're focused on organizations like the u.s. chamber of commerce, other traditional republican allies to try and rebut the tea party and be a counter-tea party movement. megyn: it's interesting because you see all this focus on the administration and the unemployment rate and so on, and then you have this hodgepodge group of people who go dow
for joining us. jenna: "america live" starts right now. megyn: welcome, everybody. new details on a developing story, america's credit could be about to take a new hit. welcome to "america live," i'm megyn kelly. just months after the august debt ceiling and downgrade debacle in washington, a new warning from bank of america and merrill lynch that we will see in a second -- that we will see, i should say, a second downgrade by the end of the year. this is bank of america saying we're going to get another credit downgrade by the end of the year. according to a leading economist for the bank, quote, the credit rating agencies have strongly suggested that further rating cuts are likely if congress does not come up with a credible long-run plan to cut the deficit. hence, we expect at least one credit downgrade in late november or early december when the supercommittee crashes. standard & poor's the first ratings agency to do it, moody's or fitch now in line to possibly following suit. stu varney of the fox business network joins me now. all right, two questions, stu: how big is this news, and what
cooperative with us all day yesterday and into yesterday evening as well. they were interviewed all the way up until 10:30 or 11 last night and they were cooperative. it had been a long day for everybody and the interviews ended about that time. >> reporter: the f.b.i. has been brought in, the marshals have been brought in, even immigration and customs enforcement. this is an all hands on deck situation trying to figure out. if there was a baby monitor inside that room or not. right now that is very unclear. you see the picture on the left hand side of your screen, that is lisa, blond hair, blue eyes, 30 inches tall, she has a bug bite below her left ear and a birth mark on her right thigh. she has been mission for at least 32 hours. it could have been earlier than 4:00 in the morning. would he know we cover these cases so much the first 72 hours in missing childrens cases are so, so critical. we went back and we've checked and children being abducted by strangers in their bedrooms, extraordinarily rare. police continuing to investigate the family. again, there are no suspects, no persons of i
is running for u.s. senate, and that's kind of a big, big moment. but there are several local lawmakers, state lawmakers who are also distancing themselves from the president. and one longtime state senator, a democrat, has already come out and said he will oppose president obama in 2012, and that goes to show just how vulnerable the president is even in a state that he carried in 2008, the first democrat to win virginia in more than four decades. megyn: yeah. senator linda puller, a democrat, who's in a tough re-election battle has come out and said he's frustrating me just like he's frustrating others and announcing he won't vote for president obama in 2012 -- he won't, i guess. and -- she won't, i guess. and then also there is this ad which sort of gives us a feel for what's happening to the president in virginia. and there's a guy named ward armstrong, he's a democrat, the house minority leader there, and his opponent has been trying to tie him to president obama in the re-election battle. look what mr. armstrong does in an ad trying to hold on to his seat. watch this. ♪ >> i'm wa
seconds. that is the bad part about them. thank you for joining us. jenna: "america live" starts right now. megyn: fox news alert. we are awaying reaction right now from the major credit raters after word goes out in washington that congress has just two weeks left to come up with a debt plan. welcome to "america live." i'm megyn kelly. as the country faces a new possible credit downgrade we are hearing new warnings from the man in charge of the nonpartisan congressional budget office. the cbo director telling congress today it has just two weeks to come up with a debt plan, so the cbo can review it before a november 23rd deadline. they have to come up with $1.2 trillion in deficit cuts. failure to do so may rattle market confidence and worse bank of america, merrill lynch says failure to come up with a big deal with result in america getting its credit cut again. stu varney is varney & co. stu we talked about this before. congress has an even shorter deadline to come up with this deal than we thought because of the warning from the cbo says you can't give it to us at the last minute, we n
held, the plan was to hire a during cartel to carry out the assassination using explosives. the u.s. is busy contacting allies to present the united front against iran. >> we will be consulting with our friends and partners around the world about how we can send a very strong message that this kind of action which violates international norms must be ended. >> reporter: now, the u.s. and the world will probably try to impose further sanctions on iran but vice president biden said this morning nothing is off the table, and we have this statement from the white house, it says the president was first briefed on the issue in june and directed his administration to provide all necessary support to this investigation. the disruption of this plot is a significant achievement by our intelligence and law enforcement agencies. and of course, as you mentioned, we're likely to hear a lot more about this at a white house briefing expected to get underway just about now. megyn, back to you. megyn: steve centanni, thank you very much. >>> it is also important to point out that mexico works closely
live in washington on that one, shannon. >> reporter: well, megyn the doj tells us today the practice has actually been used for a longtime, it's nothing new it's an internal policy under the guidance of the attorney general since 1986, but it's never officially been cod tpaoeud as a federal regulation, and that could soon change. most americans are familiar with the freedom of information act it allows anyone to request documents on a wide array of topics. the new proposed rule from the department of justice will allow agencies to not only refuse to turn over relevant information but to lie about its very existence. under current federal law there are a number of situations in which agencies like the doj are allowed to refuse to release requested information, things that involve certain on going criminal investigations or matters of national security, that makes sense. here is the relevant portion of the proposed rule which critics say adds onto that and goes a step too far. here goes. when a component this is somebody who is replying to a request applies an exclusion to exclude reco
, but urging people to keep looking. >> just because you don't see us out here every day doesn't mean that we don't feel those thoughts and prayers, we get the e-mails. we see all the coverage. and we greatly appreciate it. we know that this is going to bring lisa home to us. megyn: trace gallagher following this from our west coast newsroom, as we await a news conference that is set to begin at 2:00 p.m. eastern, what do we know? >> reporter: we actually thought the parents might come out and address the media. when the cousin came out. the parents have not talked to the media now for several days. the cousin came out and spoke, as you showed, lisa has been missing the better part of 11 days and family members came out and not only did they speak, they put up new posters saying bring baby lisa home, they nailed them to the fence, put them over the doors and the front yard, and while the family is gathering inside, we talked to the police in kansas ste, they are back out on brand new search as we speak, they say it's not because of a tip, they're just going back over to retrace their steps an
and not the hype. greg burke, streaming live to us from perugia, where this is all happening. greg. >> reporter: hello there megyn. you know, public relations has played an important part in this appeals trial and it certainly did today, as well, with amanda speaking. now, she might have had media training. she was just that good. the first time around, in the first trial when she spoke at the same point, right before it went to the jury, she rambled around, this time, short, declarative sentences saying i did not kill, i did not rape, it was really very effective, she was emotional, though, she stopped as she started to cry several times, her family as well, there, holding hands and crying, but a very effective speech today. now, her co-defendant, her former boyfriend, also on trial, somewhat less effective. you could tell that rafaela is terrified, talking about how tough it is to live in prison, they have both been in prison, amanda and rafaela, now for nearly four years, rafaela talking about being in a tiny cell, 2-meters by 3-meters, for some 20 hours a day, and what effect that has had o
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evidence of the president's perils in the polls? we will ask master political larry sabato when he joins us live next hour. >>> meantime, president obama is hitting the road kicking off a three-day bus tour through north carolina and virginia. >> the bus is pretty hard to miss. and over the next few days, we are going to take this bus through north carolina and virginia, and i'm going to get a chance to hear from folks about how they're doing. megyn: the president says he is hoping the tour will help garner support for his $447 billion jobs plan recently shelfed by congress, but critics say the president is just working overtime to woo back voters in states like north carolina and virginia which he comfortably won during the '08 election but which are considered must-wins this time around and which some are saying he could very well lose if he does not shore up his poll numbers there. >>> lots of questions being asked today after one of the world's top race car drivers died yesterday. the race car champion cut short in a fiery crash that fellow drivers called the worst they have ever seen.
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's what you want to do, it will be fun. you know my son said it would be a grit adventure for us if you decide to do it. so, they were all great. it really was not a family decision. in the end they laid it all on me. and told me i had to decide, so i did. [inaudible] >> oh, no, listen, what i care most about is that the country is better. i think the country will be better by making sure president obama is a one-termer. i don't worry about that at all. i don't think you can worry about that stuff. in the end i have a great job that i'm really committed to, and where we've made great progress, and i'm going to continue to do that job. whatever the future holds the future holds. i don't think any of you, you've covered me during the campaign in 09 probably didn't think two years later in october of 11 you'd be sitting here asking me if i thought i missed my one chance to run for president of the united states. life takes you in different directions. marsha, marsha. [inaudible] >> no, i mean you can't make these decisions with any regret, marsha. how could i be regretful being governor of
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